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In such a fast-paced world, you only have limited time – just a matter of seconds – to impress your audience online. You only get one chance at a first impression, and your website is just that for your audience. Consumers crave content they can digest visually, so your website is your chance to show your audience who you really are, captivate visitors and entice them to work with you over your competitors.

All of your various marketing efforts – from paid search, to social media, to email campaigns, and more – aim to find your audience out in the digital world and draw them into your website. To capitalize on the interest generated through your marketing strategies you need a website that works hard for you through being reliable, attractive, and easy for visitors to use.

People are visual creatures, so it’s only natural that customer attraction is heavily influenced by design. But stunning beautiful design must go hand-in-hand with a seamless user experience and be built upon a foundation that offers strong functionality.

We work with you to create cutting-edge websites that capture the imagination of your audience and make them want to find out more. For us, a website is a technology-driven product that needs both design and function in equal measures. As technology evolves and becomes more advanced, it’s important your website keeps pace and feels fresh for your audience. We stay on top of the latest trends – in both your industry and within website design and development – to ensure your website provides the ultimate experience for users and keeps them coming back.

When we start designing your new website, we adopt a holistic approach. This means rather than simply showing your competitor websites and seeing which areas you like and don’t like, we use our in-depth expertise to truly understand your goals and requirements. This allows us to guide you towards the best solutions for your audience, rather than placing that responsibility onto you.

A website is vital for any business, but for creative industries, it’s even more essential to stand out online amongst all others. When your company trades heavily on aesthetics, your work is art – and so too must be your website. It’s vital you set the mood early on with your digital presence, and reflect your style, quality of your work, and your personality. These elements are deciding factors for your customer as they choose who they want to work with and whether to contact you. You must treat your website as a showcase rather than simply a sales platform. If you focus on creating a high quality, luxury experience for users it will innately create a positive relationship with consumers.

Our web design studio possesses a strong understanding of creative industries – including interior design, entertainment, media, photography, fashion, and more – and we use this knowledge to make sure you stand out and make a memorable first impression for your audience.

The dawning of the smartphone era means that over half of all web traffic is from mobile – every 2 out of 3 minutes spent online are from a mobile device. The shift to more mobile audiences means it’s crucial for your website to provide a good user experience for more than just desktop users – so the mobile design must be a top priority too.

We work with you to identify the best approach for mobile design for your audience. This could mean a responsive design that allows your desktop version to resize across mobile screens, or it may require a full mobile website separate from your desktop version. Our industry and audience research will allow us to create a website for you that flawlessly delivers your audience an experience that tells them you’re capable of providing exceptional services and products.

Our Website Products

We offer two key categories of website products that you can take advantage of for your business. The first is already built websites available for direct and quick purchase, the second is customized products developed for you.

For both these product types we have two subcategories for you to decide which is your ideal match:

Premium & Exclusive
Our Premium & Exclusive websites are not based on any template, and instead, are all devotedly designed by our professional designers from scratch. It begins with a sketch, and through collaboration with you, turns into a fully formed website that’s uniquely designed for your brand.

Popular & Trending
Our Popular & Trending websites are also developed for you from scratch, but our team diligently use the latest marketing trends for web design and your industry, to create the ideal website for you that can then be customized further to suit your needs.

If none of our existing products meet your needs, we can work with you to build a custom website product from scratch, or we can customize existing products we have to fit your requirements.

Here are just a few ways in which we can help you with your website design and development:

  • Website design
  • Mobile website design
  • Responsive website design
  • Joomla development
  • Drupal development
  • Magento development
  • WordPress development
  • Plugin development
  • BigCommerce development
  • Prestashop development
  • Woo-Commerce development

Get in touch with us now to find out how our website design and development services can help you.

A high-quality website is the foundation of your online presence, but to find new customers and grow your brand, effective marketing techniques must be implemented alongside your website. This includes strong digital marketing strategies, sales, business process solutions, lead generation, PR, and offline sales and marketing – all of which will create opportunities for new clients to interact with, learn about, and reach out to you.

Explore our other services or contact us to find out more about the packages we can offer.

38% of people
would leave a website if it has a poor layout or unattractive content

47% of people
expect websites to load in two seconds or less and will leave if it takes longer to load

48% of consumers
say a website’s design is the most important factor in deciding if a company is credible

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